Weekly Troll Update: 6/24

Weekly Troll Update: 6/24 Good evening fellow trolls from around the world! Back this week with another installment of “Weekly Troll Updates”: a weekly rundown in the world of News, Pop Culture, and the Intersection …

Weekly Troll Update: 6/24

Good evening fellow trolls from around the world! Back this week with another installment of “Weekly Troll Updates”: a weekly rundown in the world of News, Pop Culture, and the Intersection of the Troll Community. We apologize for missing last week, which shouldn’t happen often. Without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?

1. Social Justice Football League (SJFL) Continues to Grow

Sponsored by us, NPC Daily, and others, the Social Justice Football League continues to see its site traffic increase and rosters finalize, as we near the Inaugural season of this ‘half-satire, half-fantasy-scoring’ League of ultra-tolerant Hollywood Elites and others! Make sure you visit theSJFL.com and post on our MESSAGE BOARDS as to who YOU are rooting for!!

Teams are beginning to fill-up, like the Orlando Orangemen:

North Europe Novigenders:

And others!! We are still looking for a few MANAGERS for the SJFL. It is a limited time commitment, as we handle the work. We just need you to be the ‘figure head’ and provide satirical content occasionally. Post in the message boards on either site for more information!

2. Membership System Changed

We have successfully transitioned our site ‘membership system’ to a more advanced software, rendering a lot of old accounts ‘useless’. You may have to sign-up again on our page to access your account, but we ensure you that this system is far better. We are still working out the kinks of the ‘profiles’ and ‘memberships’ , so there may be a few technical difficulties along the way.

3. LIVE Troll Chat

We’ve been alluding to this for a while now on our Facebook Page, but the Chat Software is FINALLY in place for us to have a functional, premium, private, 24-Hour Troll Chat, that can literally include discussion of anything. From Live Feeds on a variety of sites to just talking about your day, our chat will be the NEW place to be!!

If you are not signed up for our page, you do not have the ability to even see the chat, making it secure from employers, leftist doxxers, family members who are unaware of your dark trolling side, and others. This is what it looks like when signed-in, however:

Be a part of our Live Chatting Troll Community today!! Each page’s chat has a different channel as well, and channels can be created upon reasonable request.

4. Facebook Restricting Live Video Searches

A few weeks ago, we discussed the phenomena that was Facebook Zucking several members of our Admin Team. While many of us have seemingly recovered from that and have been on good terms with Zuck as of late, something else is going on that is impacting the ability for Couch Auctions to function: Search Restrictions.

Try it for yourself, frugal furniture hunters. Try to search for the classic search phrases:

  • #TTM
  • Talk to me
  • Talk
  • bored
  • outchea (credit to Yelnil)
  • out here (credit to Yelnil)

What you’ll most likely notice is a bunch of unrelated videos that are NOT Live appearing, with 1-2 actual LIVE Videos appearing, that are not suitable for Couch Auctions. What this means is that many ‘sharers’ of videos who we traditionally lean-on can no longer be relied upon. If you are NOT being search-restricted, we need YOU to be the one sharing live streams in the numerous amounts of Couch Auction Groups.

5. #KrassensteinMemorial Tournament Updated Result

The Race to the #FumingFour is half over, as 2/4 spots in the semi-finals of our self-created tournament to determine the best Trump-Stalker on Earth (post-Krassenstein Suspension) have been claimed. The first spot was an obvious one, as Eugene Gu, Md., a betting-favorite, walloped his competition in what was supposed to be the ‘Group of Death’, featuring Jeffery Guterman, Palmer Report, AND Ryan Hill.

BRUTAL, but Eugene Gu, Md., got it done. He will look to continue his momentum and #DuTheGu against………

WOW!! Amy Siskind pulls out a HUGE WIN and takes the SECOND SPOT in the #FumingFour over MSNBC Producer and Collusion-Monster Kyle Griffin. We thought that would be the result, but talk about a BLOWOUT!!

This takes us to the third matchup in the second round……a highly awaited battle between Alyssa Milano and Scott Dworkin….which should be a good one!!

6. Follow us on YOUTUBE and SOUNDCLOUD!!

That’s about all we have for you tonight, fellow trolls. Make sure you guys follow us on the last-remaining social media sites we DO have that aren’t restricted (yet): YouTube and SoundCloud!! Have a nice evening trolls and be sure to join our site ASAP!!


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